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    Julia Dederer

    I am a transformational coach in Silicon Valley with over 30 years of experience supporting leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to take the reach and scope of their impact to the next level.

  • Taking Your Impact to the Next Level

    Service Offerings

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    Leadership Coaching

    Expanding Desired Impact

    Established leaders come to me when they want to take their impact to the next level. We work to devise a toolkit and create the necessary support systems to enable you to make the difference you are committed to making. We typically meet weekly or every other week for a defined period of time.

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    Life Design Coaching

    Designing What's Next for You

    In individual sessions we work together exploring and inventing new pathways and narratives to design your next chapter in life. This could be your next career or your next 20 years in terms of the impact you would like to have and where you would like to focus. We typically meet every 2-3 weeks for a defined period of time.


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    Master Coach Training

    Empowering Others

    I work with leaders, coaches and groups to strengthen their capacity to listen beyond the surface of what people are saying and to empower others to achieve their desired impact. In custom designed programs, participants learn ways of listening that give others around them access to their own wisdom, creativity, and solutions.

  • Julia Dederer, Transformational Coach

    For 30+ years I have been coaching leaders and professionals for impact

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    My approach is based on the transformational coaching methodology, as opposed to achieving incremental change over time. I draw from working with leaders, entrepreneurs and executives from an extensive range of backgrounds and industries both nationally and internationally.

      We engage in conversation through which clients are able to design and achieve ever-expanding visions for their impact, continuously moving the horizon forward for what is possible.


      Being high performers already, people who thrive in this coaching relationship are those who continuously search for ways to expand their capacities and push their boundaries in order to exceed their current performance and deepen their satisfaction in life.

    1. Client Testimonials

      Dr. Marc Borenstein

      Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine

      St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, Missouri

      "Coaching with Julia has been a remarkable and amazing journey with much new ground taken both personally and professionally. When I look back from where I am now to where I was in 2011 it can be said that I am unrecognizable. I have miraculously become younger over the past four years and am living into a future with professional and personal possibilities that I did not see in 2011. While I have certainly done work to get to where I am today, her coaching created velocity and a trajectory that has been nothing short of phenomenal bringing dreams to reality for me. I can say with confidence that I would not be where I am today without having had the benefit of her coaching, her love and acceptance, and her unwavering stand for my life as possibility. I am forever grateful."

      Lynne Twist

      Global Visionary, Writer and Speaker

      Author of "The Soul of Money"

      The Pachamama Alliance, Co-founder

      "For people who are up to big things, I highly recommend having Julia in your corner. She is a world-class leadership and executive coach who draws on decades of experience, coaching senior leaders and delivering transformational seminars to thousands of people. I have worked with Julia in different capacities since 1975. And, she has coached me personally at times during my career. She draws on many areas of mastery, and with her vast experience, she is able to walk anyone through any challenge into a new future that they could not have even imagined. The leaders she works with find their connection to the legacy they are committed to strengthening, along with the freedom to move fluidly through their current challenges."

      Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

      Executive Director

      The Clayman Institute for Gender Research, Stanford University

      "Julia has the ability to win the trust and respect of all, including the toughest, most critical people. She respects where people are in their development while gently nudging them to see a bigger possibility. I recall Julia was once led me through a conversation on being comfortable with the unknown. I first said that I was already comfortable with the unknown, having jumped into any number of big, exciting opportunities from a very young age. Through working with her, however, I saw that the unknown for me was not new experiences but actually, staying and working through tough or unpleasant situations. This was not an easy insight to learn, but Julia’s gentle, and sometimes playful, encouragement enabled me to more deeply explore a situation that seemed straight-forward on the surface."

      Julian Ryder


      Ryder Communications Group


      "If you are not up to something big in your life, please don't call Julia. She simply won't be a good fit for you. On the other hand, if you are a leader or an executive and you think big, like world altering big, you will get her attention. Julia is an amazing coach with an incredible ability to get to the heart of a matter. She has worked with me and countless other executives to design lives of purpose and meaning. If you are an executive or a leader looking to get the maximum out of the next phase of your life, I urge you to talk to Julia. I promise it will be one of the most impactful conversations you have ever had."

      Jim Bergquist

      President and CEO

      Creative Business Futures


      “I have been in the coaching and consulting business for over 30 years and had never hired a coach for myself. A couple of years ago I got the idea of hiring someone to help me stay on track with my goals and intentions and I chose Julia to be my coach. Julia is a highly trained professional coach who has the ability to listen deeply, introduce powerful questions and point out false or dis-empowering notions with a sense of integrity and compassion. She’s awesome to work with. Every conversation we had produced a new context for me within which to create and act, resulting in many breakthroughs. I recommend Julia to anyone who is up to realizing themselves to be the person they dreamed they could be.”

      Tom McKiernan

      President and CEO

      TJM Sales & Marketing


      "I was an athlete and team captain on a Division I basketball team, a corporate officer, and Founder and CEO of my company and I attest that no coach or corporate consultant comes close to what Julia has provided me and my business. Julia's coaching has been extraordinary for me. I call her the "coach of coaches". She has enabled me to clear up issues that were 'road blocks' in attaining my goals and objectives, allowing me to move with velocity and ease and producing results that were beyond the predictable."

    2. Contacting Julia

      Please fill in the form below or email me. I look forward to our conversation!